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Our Products

Following products are offered only in bulk quantity in tanker loads.

Furnace Oil

Furnace Oil - F.O. -180 Cst / 0.93 -0.96 density from HPCL & BPCL.

Light Diesel Oil

Light Diesel Oil -(LDO) from HPCL & BPCL. - densiity 0.86-0.89.
Light Diesel Oil for Hot Mix plant

Light Diesel Oil for Hot Mix plant

Light Diesel Oil for Hot Mix plant --0.90--0.93 density. ( construction industry)

Hydro carbon Oil

Hydro carbon Oil ( industrial diesel ).-density 0.820 - 0.840. -----Minimum quantity ---24000 Liters.

Virgin Base Oils

Virgin Base Oils .SN 500 / SN 150 / SN 70 & Bright Stock.
transformer-oil new

Transformer Oil

Transformer Oil IS:335. Minimum quantity ---20,000 Liters.

Industrial Lubricant

Industrial Gearbox oils are extreme pressure type industrial gear lubricants. These oils demonstrate improved thermal stability and oxidation resistance over conventional lead-naphthenate oils. They have good demulsibility characteristics, low foaming tendency and provide rust and corrosion protection to metal surfaces.

Marine Lubricant

Marine Lubricant offered meet the demands of protecting engine from wear and internal corrosion possibilities. The quality constituted synthetic-blend oils come with suitable specially designed additives that help in reduction of friction. Also meeting demands of improved working performance, its features include meet the demands of demanding working conditions support enhancing performance of four-stroke and two-stroke engines based on proprietary detergent technology to provide cost-effective solutions.

Industrial Greases

Our diversified range of heavy-duty maintenance lubricants, that find wide industry applications, Greases form an eminent part. These are biodegradable and environment friendly products, that are used in varied industry segments for different purposes. With these greases, we are able to cater to the requirements of areas like automotive, mining, construction, trucking, steel mill, bearing manufacturers, general industrial and maintenance, food processing and pharmaceutical.

Marine Greases

Marine Grease provides excellent fresh water and salt water corrosion protection. Its fortified formula provides excellent extreme pressure properties, effective water resistance and shock loading protection as indicated by the typical weld point of 500 kg. The minimum industry standard is 200 kg.

Engine Oils

Engine Oil offered provide for powerful and efficient usage and can effectively handle high pressure working conditions. As advanced oil, it provides for superior film strength as well as meet demands of preventing breakdown of oil film. Some of its features include support reducing friction; provides engine desired strength to push performance; minimizes engine wear; cling to engine and provide for extra layer of protection; superior formulation for added protection for engine wear; provides protection against sludge formation.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils offered support the demand of protecting, lubrication and transmission of power in effective way. Available in quality constitution finish, these oils support demands of delivering optimum equipment performance in given working conditions. E can make these available in different grade options to choose from. Some of it features include provide for optimized system’s efficiency and operation costs; fluids designed to improve efficiency of hydraulic systems; allow reliable air release filterability.

Gear Oils

Gear oils traded by us are powered by several additives which assure better performance and efficiency. They assure that the engine is resistant to wear & tear or any other damage. Our product is widely used for all heavy duty enclosed gear drives with force speed or splash lubrication system operating under heavy or shock load conditions.

Refrigeration Oils

We are engaged in offering the best quality Refrigeration Compressor Oils, to our clients globally. Ideally suited for reciprocating and rotary compressors, this oil is used in refrigeration systems that operate above its pour point. Featuring low Freon floc point, these oils are recommended for lubricating hermetically scaled refrigeration compressors. We procure our range from the most authentic vendors in the market and provide the same to our clients at industry leading prices.

Thermic Fluids

Heat Transfer ( Thermic Fluids ) Oils offered find use in carrying thermal energy in metal working, process heating as well as machine cooling applications by providing support for heat transfer as well as meeting demands of providing cooling within machinery. Further, these provide indirect heating or cooling without coming in contact with machinery/equipment. Some of it features include providing suitable usage as metal working fluids used for circulating chillers and process heaters between heat source and heat sink, available in different chemical compositions, formulated from alkaline organic and inorganic compounds and used in diluted form.

Turbine Oils

Turbine Oils offered are suited for use in high-temperature gas turbine systems with integral gearing support. Made available in a wide range of choices, these offer optimum operation support by providing desired protection as well as long oil life to turbine systems. The oil also helps in protecting equipment from corrosion and minimizing deposit build-up in turbine bearings and other concerned areas. Some of its features include deliver enhanced anti-wear performance; provide protection for gearboxes in turbine systems; enhance service life of expensive turbine equipment.

Quenching Oils

Quenching Oils offered comes in superior constitution finish and support demands of hardening steel through optimally controlling heat transfer during quenching process. Further, the use o f these oils also support enhancing wetting of steel during quenching that minimize occurrence of undesirable thermal gradients that can lead to cracking and distortion. Some of it features include support acceleration of wetting process, provide rapid cooling of steel/metals and support minimized formation of undesirable thermal gradients leading to distortion/cracking possibilities.

Rubber Process Oils

Rubber Processing Oils offered comprise a refined straight mineral oil having low viscosity index and finds application in areas with raw rubber mastication. Further, thee also facilitate mixing operations as well as support demands of bringing reduction in compounding time and improving processing of rubber. Some of its features include support modifying physical properties of finished rubber products; suitable for use in tyre manufacturing industry and other industrial processes; providing for excellent process-ability; suitable for goods made of synthetic, natural rubber and others.

Sugar Mill Oils

Sugar Mills oil is formulated using high viscosity lubricating oil base stocks, therefore it contains selected non-toxic, mild EP and special conditioning agents. Due to these factors, this oil is widely recommended for heavily loaded mill roll bearings in sugar mills, sliding vane rotary machines and high-pressure reciprocating machines.

Transformer Oils

Transformer Oils offered comes in quality constitution finish and as electrical insulating oils these feature superior distillation support of paraffinic and naphthenic crude oils with involved processes monitored closely so as to effectively remove moisture & polar impurities to provide in these oils optimum good electrical properties. Some of its features include products with excellent oxidation stability; offering superior electrical properties; suitable for use in demanding transformer applications.

Steam Cylinder Oils

Steam Cylinder oils are highly refined steam cylinder lubricating oils, compounded with specially selected materials, which can withstand high temperatures, these oils have excellent oiliness, good film strength characteristics and resist water wash out.

Soluble Cutting Oils

Soluble Cutting Oil is a soluble type high quality cutting oil which yields rich milky emulsion with water. Special emulsifier is incorporated to ensure its complete dispersion in water. The emulsion formed is homogeneous and stable in nature, and does not split during usage or routine machine shut down periods, under normal conditions. This oil contains rust inhibitors, which impart anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties to the emulsion. Carefully selected biocide is incorporated to prevent bacterial growth in the emulsion.

Streight Cutting Oils

Straight Cutting Oil offered can be provided in variation like semi-synthetic and fully synthetic cutting oils. made available by us in superior constitution finish, these cutting oils meet working needs as cutting fluid in different machining applications. Offering perfect adaptation to modern manufacturing techniques, its features include providing fine cutting performance; allows for improved working environment, good thermal conductivity, offer superior surface finish, provide excellent machine cleanliness during operations and capability to dissipate heat more readily.

General Purpose Machine Oils.

Being counted amongst the reputed organizations, we are engaged in offering General Purpose Machine Oils. The products are manufactured using high grade material and can be available at a reasonable price. These products are extremely used in various different types of machines. The offered oil have premium amount of quality. Besides, these General Purpose Machine Oils can be bought in different size packages.

Fire resistance Hydraulic Oils.

With rich industry experience, we are presenting our clients a qualitative range of Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids. We assure our clients that provided range is formulated using premium quality chemical compounds and advanced technology in compliance with international quality standards by our reliable vendors. Our entire range is widely acclaimed in Indian as well as overseas markets for its features such as high effectiveness and long shelf life. In addition to this, the offered range is highly appreciated by our clients at cost-effective prices.

Available Brands

We have various Trusted and Powerful Brands in our Inventory so you can get better quality.